Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sig Sauer P938 Extreme

Two days ago I recieved my new P938 Extreme from Sig Sauer. I wasn't expecting to receive the pistol for some time given the fact that Sig just announced the firearm at this year's SHOT Show. Being somewhat of an industry insider has its advantages in terms of pricing and availability. The P938 is Sig's long awaited 9mm version of its incredibly popular p238 pistol chambered in .380 Auto.
Yesterday a friend and I took the P938 to our local indoor pistol range and sent just over 100 rounds of 9mm down range. We shot 50 rounds of Federal 115 grain FMJ (full metal jacket), 50 rounds of Tula 115 grain FMJ (Russian steel cased rounds), and a dozen or so Hornaday Critical Defence 115 grain FTX rounds with all of them feeding, firing, and ejecting flawlessly. At 25 feet, my tightest grouping came in at 3.5" with the Federal rounds. For a pistol with a 3" barrel I was pleased with my shooting. I'm not the best shot and my fundamentals need some work, but the P938 made me look good. The trigger had a little take-up but not enough to disrupt my shooting.

My Sig P938 is the "Extreme" finish, meaning it comes with an ambidextrous thumb safety, G10 grips, Sig Lite night sights, and most importantly, a 7 round extended magazine. After handling the Sig P238 at work, I knew I wanted the extended magazine to help me get a perfect grip on the pistol. Having my pinky finger grip the firearm adds exponentially more purchase, and the extra round capacity is an added bonus. The serrated front and backstraps enhance the grip to the point that I felt like the pistol was gripping me. The P938 Extreme also came with the flush fitting 6 round standard magazine which was surprisingly easy to control despite being a finger shorter. My only complaint with the entire package is the super stiff magazines. I will definitely be buying an easy-loader for this piece as soon as it's made available.

As you can see in the picture above, my P938 comes in the standard Sig carry case with a detailed list of features and the manufacture date. My pistol was less than a week old when I shot it and I'm curious as to how many others were made before it. I ordered the Sig P938 to be my carry gun once I get my Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License). I chose the P938 because of its incredibly slim and compact size, its solid stainless steel and alloy construction, the Sig Lite sights, and its 9mm cambering. Also, from what I hear, most of the aftermarket accessories made for the extremely popular Sig P238 (lasers, holsters, etc.) will fit the P938.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with my Sig Sauer P938 Extreme. The 3" barrel breathes fire and handles the 9mm excellently. The grips provide excellent purchase and the extended magazine does its job perfectly. I have no doubt the Sig P938 will provide a lifetime of concealed protection for me and I feel very fortunate to have mine as early as I do.