Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank You Ursula LeGuin

I received a signed book plate from Ursula K. LeGuin in the mail today! LeGuin is a giant in the science-fiction world and most famous for her 1969 groundbreaking and multiple award winning novel The Left Hand of Darkness. Earlier this month I read The Left Hand of Darkness, and although I found the first 100 pages of this 218 page book quite boring, the back half of the novel depicts a peerless tale of friendship, courage, and endurance.

After I finish a novel it's my custom to research the book on the Internet; reading reviews and criticisms post facto. While researching The Left Hand of Darkness, I found Ursula K. LeGuin's website and learned that she is alive and well in Oregon. Her website provides her physical address so fans can write to her and receive a signed bookplate. On her website, LeGuin writes that she can no longer sign people's books because of the weight and hassle of returning said books; but she encourages those wanting a signature to send her a self-addressed stamped envelope and she will return a signed adhesive bookplate. Needless to say, I sent LeGuin a short letter and a return envelope and today I received my bookplate!

How cool is that?! A living legend who cares about her readers and freely sends them signed bookplates for their volumes when asked. Everything I read about LeGuin describes her as a tender and caring woman, and I think her personality softly radiates in her main characters in The Left Hand of Darkness, and in the bookplate she sent to me. Thank you Ursula LeGuin.
I stuck my bookplate in my first book club hardback edition of The Left Hand of Darkness, I purchased at a local book store; what a find!

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  1. That's awesome! It's always great to see authors connecting with their readers. Very cool!