Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zip it, Clamp it, and Haul Ass

let's go
motors fire exhaust pipes chant potato-potato-potato

shouts: followin' you
how far can you go before you gotta fill that thing up
don't know
what ya mean ya don't know
no speedo no odometer
followin' me then

15 miles out of town they pass a tractor-trailer at 85 mph

how ya feel
great man
hows 75-80 suit ya
i prefer 70
yeah that's what we're goin'
ya'll were hittin' 85 passin' that truck
well we had to pass 'em
cool man
next stop roswell and the aliens
there's a dealership there
need parts for that old thing
my exhaust clamp snapped
the pipe's shakin' off the front head
better zip up tight dark clouds up the road
leather jackets zipped and belted, motors fire, exhaust pipes chant potato-potato-potato

20 minutes outside roswell new mexico the clouds open up and soak the heros
a rooster-tail streams water into one of their faces

where's my front fender when i need it
looks cool though
feels cold

at the service counter at the dealership

what year you say it is
83 shovel
well it looks like we don't carry parts that old
you got anything else that'll work
i can sell ya this one for $10 but i can't garuantee it'll work
let's go with it

in the parking lot full of leather clad dentists and new machines

he didn't try to sell ya a shirt with that did he
nah man
let's bust out the tools and get this rigged up

brake lever detached, old clamp removed, new being pounde like a horseshoe, leather jackets thrown on the wet asphalt as workbenches

you guys know there's a repair shop in the back of the dealership
yes sir we do but we'd rather save the extra $100 for beer and smokes
alright good luck then

30 minutes later the repair is finished, brake lever reattached

looks good man
better than stock
that shit anin't comin' off again
hell yeah man little roadside maintnance
let's go
motors fire, exhaust pipes chant potato-potato-potato

25 minutes outside ruidoso the heavy clouds dump a large late-afternoon mountain rain

damn front fender
-shouts-ya look cold man
damn water's runnin' down my back

after 30 minutes of looking for the lodge in the wet crowded streets the heros find it

turn on tha heater
throw me a beer
that was the shittiest ride i've ever done
hell yeah

there is nothing at the rally worthy of an adult male's attention

two days later they fire up the machines and ride home under a brilliant sky
a falcon attacks a bird in flight
antelope look up from their grazing and gaze at the machines hurling by them, chanting potato-potato-potato at high tempo

everything holdin' together
taillights rattlin'
one thing or another
hell yeah

safely back at home, under lone star's special spell, the heros conjure memories of heavy rains, busted exhuast clamps, and falcons preying
little is said of the rally, just as it is written here


  1. I love it! Great style!

  2. Rock N' Roll. Thats all I need to say. Just Rock N' Roll