Monday, December 1, 2008

Cold Air, Hot Engines

85 mph is freezing on a screaming motorcycle. But my god, it's awesome to roll the throttle and feel the beast surge forward faster and faster. The Virago could accelerate forever, pulling up its wheels and taking off with one sharp flick of my wrist. The engine blows and blasts fire like a contained volcano warming my thighs with its fire-breath. A Dragon that lets me believe I control its raw power.

Hands frozen. Tinseled chin-whiskers grow brittle and blow away as filings. Chapped lips crack out a insane smile; a hedonistic revel. Pure Being at 5000 revolutions per minute: outrunning the speed of life down a backroad. Raaaaeeeeiieooouuaaaaw-----

Grey Wolf and I burned down the road out of Lubbock and swung into a small canyon on the outskirts of Slaton, Texas. Down the winding asphalt into a canyon floor. The trees had shed their leaves as our spirits quickened. All is right in the jungle.

Grey Wolf and his '00 Yamaha 1100cc V-Star Classic

the Man on his '95 Yamaha 1100cc Virago

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  1. Fucking badass man!
    Hope you're doing fine down in TX.