Friday, November 14, 2008

Horses Under the Hood

The Lubbock Mustang and Corvette car club held a car show recently. It was a rare treat seeing so many well cared for high powered vehicles in one parking lot. My favorite cars at the show were the muscle cars. These long and low fat tired machines just made me want to jack the keys and smoke out of the lot.

The club organizers held the show to raise money for widow whose husband had been a member in the car club. Anyone could enter their car and money was raised by placing a can or bucket near each car. At the end of the show the car with the most money in its bucket wins the day. Now that's a full throttled way to help a widow in need.

Some family friends entered their cars in the show. At right is Rex's Corvette proudly wearing custom paint and wheels.
Rex's wife Jeanie also entered the show with her award winning "Small Wonder," a Volkswagon Bug with a forward trunk full trophies. The couple's cars balance their garage excellently: on the right rests a missle on wheels; on the left, a red toot-pooter.
The cars, most classic, some modern, and a few oddball, brought together a wide range of people of all age groups. The most refreshing sight at the show was watching a father explain to his young son the differences in each kind of car. He'd pull the wide eyed boy over to a car and say something like "You see how this car has the shiny metal here but this car doesn't. That's because this one's older than that one." The son studied his fathers words with scientific vigour. Then he'd peak into the cab and imagine himself driving a classic car that his grandfather probably raced down the street. Nothing brings generations of men together like classic cars and big engines.

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  1. I wish I was in the states to see these. I love Mustang's and Corvette's. We don't see many of them in the UK, although one did park outside my office the other day, which is a rare sight. Great blog, I'll be coming back for another look soon.