Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From the depths, farewell Japan. みんなへ、さようなら

Tomorrow I will get on the airplane that will take me away from Japan for an indefinite amount of time. I already miss all the friends I've made here these last two years. You have kept me alive in this once strange land. You gave me laughter and food and, most importantly, a sense of belonging.

The greatest gift Japan has given me is indestructible self confidence. I know I can survive and thrive in any situation I find myself in, even if I don't know the way out or what the next step will be. It is this confidence that will and must sustain me in America, in that land that has changed over the last two years but at the moment seems so mundane in my mind. I don't worry about surviving back home; I worry about being happy while I readjust to my "home," a concept which is now filled two realities, my home in Japan and the place of my family. I will remain an inside-outsider for some time yet to come I reckon.

This will be the last post I write in Japan. I still have a few posts about Japanese matters to write and those will have to be written State-side.

It has been a dream here in Japan and now it's time to wake up and carry my feelings and lessons learned forward, across the Pacific and onto the American highway. That is where my future lies, a grand reunion tour across my native land on the back of a two wheeled beast that I won't have to pedal. Thank you Japan, and when I say that, I'm thanking all the friends and families, students and teachers, that made my life here brilliant. I will return.






  1. Hi Justin,

    Too bad to hear you are leaving Japan. At least you you'll always have the memories of that crazy country :-)

    Take care in the US, dude. And if you are in need of a vacation, come to Belgium and let's grab a few beers together :-D



  2. You have great friends here.
    Japan is your second home land.
    You can come back anytime you want.
    Your friends and I will be pleased to welcome you☆
    I hope I can visit your first home land someday.

  3. Thanks Jeroen,

    I just might take you up on your offer in a few years. I've got some travel plans here in the States to take care of first. But definitely later I see an all Europe backpack trip in the works.

    Peace man,