Sunday, August 17, 2008

GTT I: 3 Friends and his Baby

My good friend Jeremiah picked me up from the airport and let me crash at his place for a few days until the folks came up to get me. Hangin' out with J is always a pleasure and after a year without him it was double. J is the best listener in the world which makes us a good pair because I'd tell my whole life story to a fence post if I thought it laugh at the funny parts. I just walk around talkin' and J gives me a smile and a "yeah man, I know what you mean." We're yin and yang, near opposites except for our love of comic books, the 80's blockbuster "Major Leauge," and our shared histories with fundamentalist Christians, and, apparently, that's more than enough to keep people best of friends for years.
On my second day in Denver, J and I took the new "Light Rail" train from the University of Denver into downtown to take in the sights and eat some Arby's roast beefs. While downtown we took advantage of 16th Street's "Free Ride" eco-friendly bus to get up and down the avenue. At the end of the line and a block north sits Union Station, the city's landmark train station originally built in 1881. It's quite a sight, although it's unfortunate us Americans don't have many opportunities to travel by train anymore.
Union Station is located in LoDo (Lower Dowtown), that's where Denverites go to drink and eat at expensive joints. The district is expensive but it's one of the few place in Denver's smoggy urban sprawl that gives a glimpse into Denver's rich history as a frontier town. The old buildings really make you feel classy as you stroll beside them wearing a Batman t-shirt. After cruising around LoDo and visiting The Tattered Cover, one of my favorite bookshops, we headed on back to the Universtiy of Denver to take some pictures of its picturesque campus before meeting up with more old grad school buds.

The University is Denver is one nice campus. Just about every building is plated in gold leaf or clad in cheap Mexican copper. Of course it's the students' tuition paying for all that architectural bling, but so long as they can take classes in these secular cathedrals of learning then everyone's happy; everyone with a hefty scholarship or rich parents at least.

Here's what I talking about: to the left is the clock tower that's connected to the gym and fitness center. To the right is the domed Center of Tourism and Hotel Management, and behind some new copper monstrosity. Fortunately for me, none of my borrowed grad school tution went to DU, no, it all went to Iliff School of Theology which allowed me take one class per quarter at DU under their much cheaper tuition banner. I learned how to doubt god and wrastle my inner demons (whether I had 'em or not) at Iliff, at DU I learned everything I don't understand about philosophy and matters of the soul while taking classes with good lookin' rich girls;)

I still had a few friends to meet in Denver so J and I went up to Kit's place and shot the shit for a bit on the porch. I do love chattin' on porches. If I were a business man I'd stoically do all my business in a plastic chair on concrete with a view.

Kit's a really smart fella who's passionate about social justice, football, chess, and free food. When I was in graduate school I played a couple hours of chess everyday. It really hindered our studies but we didn't care. We talked about complex global affairs like Latin American dictators, Bush, the seemingly violent core of Christianity, and spring time DU girls in short skirts. Rrrrr! I loved playing chess with Kit because I couldn't lose, really, the dude cannot seem to win a chess match. He either looses or stalemates! You'd think he goes out of his way to not win. I didn't care much though, chess isn't all about winning or not loosing when your sitting in front of the Rocky Mountains with a good pal shootin' the shit and pushin' the pieces.

That night J, Kit, and I met up with Marc-Paul, his wife Melissa, and their new adorable sweet little 8 month old littlin' Evelyn. What a great family those three make. Marc-Paul is a genius who has read every book I've ever thought of reading. He teaches GED classes at his father's inner-city parish to at-risk and in-trouble high schoolers. Every now and then he'll slip in a little Foucault and assign 'em a little Ayn Rand to read. Him and Melissa married during my first year in Japan and created Evelyn in my second. It's crazy introducing yourself to your buds little girl who's wearing her green peas (which are all organic and super duper sweet; I know cause Marc-Paul let me try some bright green goo). Hell, I'm not even married, and childern, at my age, well that's just loco.

But talk about one interesting family, they won't let Evelyn watch the TV. In her whole 8 months of birthed life that bright blue eyed little girl has only seen about 6 minutes of TV. Now how bout that. There's a genius in the making here, and when she changes the world or wins the Nobel Prize I'll be able to say that I ate a bit of her all organic green peas when she couldn't even stand on her own two feet- assuming I'm still alive then. My god, I'm already sounding like an old fart.


Photos: top left, J before the Denver's skyline taken just west of LoDo. top right, J with his guitar. Jeremiah is an awesome guitarist who writes and sales his own music. He's played a few gigs where he showcases his soothing sounds. Next, Denver's Union Station in LoDo. Under that, me on a street corner in LoDo across from Union Station, photo and borrowed Batman shirt provided by J. Next at left, DU's workout center's gold-leafed clock tower, come on. right, more copper buildings. Next, Kit on his front porch at the Iliff student appartments. He just got out of the shower. Lastly, Marc-Paul, Melissa, and Evelyn, the happy family.


  1. Keep losing my ass! We're almost toe to toe, though the stalemate thing is accurate.

  2. I didn't say you lose a lot, I just said I rarely do because of all your stalemates. We should've played while I was there.