Monday, June 23, 2008

New Directions in Portraiture

This past Friday I got to see my good friend Calum's (Safely Framed) amazing painting titled "Inside Outsider."(click link for large veiw) Though I'm not exactly sure how he created the base sketch I know he used a picture he had taken one day in Harajuku's Yoyogi Park, see "Spring Day Boots." The final result is fresh and spirited, just the way art should be.

I had the privilege to see the piece take shape, from Mamiya photograph, to sketch, to paint, and finally to completion, as Calum took pictures of his progress after each of his work sessions. Watching a piece of art develop was a new experience for me as I'm used to only seeing finished pieces. It's a long process from conception to completion, gruelling at times. The piece is shaped by the artist and, simultaneously, shapes the artist in return. I've seen the piece shape Calum over the past month, making him a more self confident and inspired person.

Calum has rounded a corner with this piece. There is an energy to it and an immediacy that hooks the viewer. What is most appealing about the piece, I believe, is that it is both modern and classic at the same time: concrete abstract, the kind that doesn't let the subject get lost in the expression. In fact, as I had the insider privilege of being outside at the park that day, I can honestly say that the piece captures the lighthearted optimistic mood we all shared that early Spring day.

To check out more of Calum's (Safely Framed) work be sure visit his Flickr page. Excellent work C. -The piece hasn't helped your dart game any.

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  1. Wow your "safely framed" friend's artworks are soooooo awesome!!O_O I love his drawings! but this pic isn't my cup of tea. :P

    BTW, I finally finished reading Of Mice and Men (which I borrowed a few days ago) but I don't quite get the philosophical meanings...-_- If you don't mind please share your interpretations with me when you write back hahaha. :P Thanks!