Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm a Pepper

The Japanese do things differently than Americans; they use chopsticks, go shoeless inside the house, and eat properly. They also package nectar of the gods, aka Dr. Pepper, differently; really differently. Check out the vixen to the left of the Dr. Pepper logo. You're looking at the wrapper from a 500 ml (16 oz.) bottle of Japanese DP. That tatooed tart ain't too bad looking, and what a way to be served a soda!

Dr. Pepper isn't very popular in Japan. I can count on one hand the number of places where I can get a DP, which stands in sharp contrast to my home state of Texas, perhaps the only state in the union where Dr. Pepper is more popular than Coke. I don't like Coke.

This wrapper really blows me away. There a ton of differences like this all over Japan. It's really cool to see the products I love from back home re-packaged to suit the Japanese market. Hell, I wish the DP bottles back home were this cool looking, hell, Dr. Pepper needs mascot instead of those damn maroon shirts. Let Coke have the endangered CGI polar bear family, I'll take a big bosomed sexy blonde haired minx in pink stockings and little else any day!

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