Monday, April 14, 2008

My Best Friend's Indian Friend's Wedding

In just five days I'll be on an aeroplane to Bangalore, India to attend the traditional Indian wedding of my friend Calum's Indian friend. Basically I'm filed under the "and guest" section of the invitation. It should be a hoot!

Though I've heard Indian weddings last about three days and are loads of fun, I'm just excited to be going to India. And while I don't know much about India as a whole, I've picked up a load of stories from friends and professors.

While in India I will be extremely careful to avoid the infamous "black snake" which bakes on the train tracks. My friend Ahao told me about this species of reptile at a BBQ when I handed him a charred-nasty weener:

"Oh my friend," he said grinning, "I cannot eat the 'black snake'."
When I finally finished laughing at the answer I thought he would give me, I had to ask "What's the 'black snake Ahoa'?"
"It's when people sheet on the tracks in India and the sheet gets hard in the sun," he answered deftly with a shake of his head and some pointy hand gestures.
That's a lot funnier than anything I imagined.

Aside from that, I really want to meet up with a Sadhu (Hindu crazy mystic) and expand my view of the cosmos with the help of special herbs while rolling my way across India to a holy cave like Lotan Babba (The Rolling Saint). Deep down I'm a spiritualist.

Along with what I learned in Dr. Kinnard's religion classes, fiction has taught me a lot. My favorite books set in India are, in this particular order: Midnight's Children by Rushdie, and The God of Small Things by the infinitely prettier Arundhati Roy. I highly recommend both books but I warn you, both demand the reader's time and full attention.

India should be quite a trip.


  1. If you meet Arundhati Roy, try and hook up with her because "man, she's so hot." Definitely better looking than poor Salman. Oh and you should read The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

  2. I just got back to Japan and after 9 days in Bangalore India reget to report that I did in fact not meet Arundhati Roy. I did meet a lot of other really amazing Indian people though.

    Btw, I read The Road around Christmas when J sent it to me as a present. It was good and I'd like to read it agian.