Thursday, April 17, 2008

Earth's Hum

I find it deeply comforting that the Earth hums as it spins in the night. I can't say why I feel this way but it almost, just almost seems that if you sit still and quiet you can hear the Earth humming a low, slow tune. Scientists argue we can't hear the sound but, on calm nights, when my mind reclines, I settle into the sway of the primordial; like a newborn rocked in great-grandmother's hands.

I never knew the Earth sounded, but now that I know it does I shall have to listen. What lessons am I to learn tonight dear Earth; how should I pass the rainy hours that soothe your skin? Don't worry about learning, to hear, if you can, is enough.

Earth's hum they call it. Maybe it's "rthshu" that sounds warm and thick like a down comforter. Whatever the reason, I want to lay flat with my ear to the ground, listening to the earth underneath.

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